About Us

This site is the result of technology finally catching up with some of the Old Boys and the realisation that the internet has far greater repercussions and that networking is a versatile tool which can generate a wholesome confluence of conflicting time span providing a unique recreation of the nostalgic schooldays.

During the summer of 2011, SVAAA was born out of the rumbles of the planning of REUNION 2011. At a meeting with The Principal, Mr. Ravi Victor on 21 August 2011, it was decided to register the formation of the first Alumni Association of SVTS, to be called St. Vincent’s Asansol Alumni Association (SVAAA).

SVAAA is an informal association of students who have studied in St. Vincent’s High and Technical School, Asansol. This website is intended to be used by the ex-students of SVTS who choose to become members of this Association. Certain information contained herein may also be accessed by visitors as well. Membership to this Association is open to all ex-students of SVTS; members can register themselves by going to the Online Registration Form.

Any comments related to the website is welcome gratis, please send it to admin at info@svaaa.in.

The objectives of SVAAA has been laid keeping in mind to go beyond the joys of reunion & gatherings of old classmates and march forward with the vision of helping the humanity at large.A deep long term commitment with a hard eye on the results is it’s motto.SVAAA is still in a developing stage so it is keen to learn & analyse continuously from it’s experience.

The objectives of SVAAA is as follows:

  • work for the welfare of the past & present students & teachers of the school
  • To arrange scholarships for the needy & deserving/meritorious students
  • To provide care & treatment for ailing teachers
  • To be a platform for career networking, mentoring, job referrals, internships, classroom help & inspiring present students.
  • To help & organize cultural, sports, literary, scientific & charitable activities for fund raising
  • To receive gifts & donations for infrastructural development & other activities of the school
  • To mobilize subscription, donation, grants etc for fulfilling aims & objectives
  • As a fraternity for members to offer, provide & contribute expertise & resource
  • To maintain a database of SVAAA enabling the students to reconnect with their friends
  • To promote interaction & strengthen the bonds amongst the alumni teachers & students like a family
  • To encourage volunteerism amongst members
  • To pursue other activities approved by the General Body Of The Association.