The activities of SVAAA is as follows:

  • To work for the welfare of the past & present students & teachers of the school
  • To arrange scholarships for the needy & deserving/meritorious students
  • To provide care & treatment for ailing teachers
  • To be a platform for career networking, mentoring, job referrals, internships, classroom help & inspiring present students.
  • To help & organize cultural, sports, literary, scientific & charitable activities for fund raising
  • To receive gifts & donations for infrastructural development & other activities of the school
  • To mobilize subscription, donation, grants etc for fulfilling aims & objectives
  • As a fraternity for members to offer, provide & contribute expertise & resource
  • To maintain a database of SVAAA enabling the students to reconnect with their friends
  • To promote interaction & strengthen the bonds amongst the alumni teachers & students like a family
  • To encourage volunteerism amongst members
  • To pursue other activities approved by the General Body Of The Association